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Stop in to taste or sit down and enjoy a glass.  
$1 per sample - $6 per glass
Cheese and cracker platter- $10
6 bottles = 10% discount   -   12 bottles =15% discount   -   24 bottles =20% discount
Raspberry Truffle

Bursting with rich, intense flavors and aromas, this wine has a traditional character of warm, rounded cherry and plum, supported by a racy zing of raspberry, perfumed and gently tart, giving way to luscious liquid chocolate - beguiling with dark, bittersweet aromas of coffee and vanilla. 

Dam Red

Sweet red blend of Concord grapes. 

Black Forest

 If you like dark chocolate & cherries this is a must try.


 Intensely creamy and pleasantly sweet. Full-bodied with rich buttery caramel and robust red fruit flavors. Dessert in a glass!


 Hint of wildberry with a sweet blackberry finish.

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