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Pinot Noir

Light body with

Sweet cherry aroma, peppery Middle and soft finish.


Medium-Bodied with

Plenty of acidity,black cherry and blackberry notes. Dark inky purple color.


Soft and supple with powerful fruit and spicy flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Bold nose of red berry and cherry notes. Rich flavors of black currant, plumbs and cherries. Exceptional balance.

Depot Red

Fruit flavors of cherry, plumb and black currant with a bit of tannin on the finish.

Petite Franc

Dark fruit flavors dominated by plumb, blackberry and raisin notes. Extraordinary balance of fruit and tannin.


A full-bodied. Fruit-forward blend that highlights the best characteristics of the varietal's it contains, finishing dry.


Dark black cherry red. Nose of dark berries. Tastes of ripe blueberry, blackberry with a dash of espresso and black pepper.

Cabernet Franc Blush

Violets and cherry aroma, tastes of dark fruit.

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